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Patrones de Procesos de Negocios PDF Print E-mail

Modelando la empresa en base a patrones.

Entrevista por Ricardo Seguel P. 19 de Octubre 2008

Entrevista de BPM Chile Group al Dr. Oscar Barros, Profesor del Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial y director del Master in Business Engineering (MBE) de la Universidad de Chile.

El Profesor Barros ha desarrollado una interesante y exitosa teoría y práctica de Patrones de Procesos de Negocios (PPN) los cuales permiten modelar y rediseñar los procesos de negocios en una organización.  Estos patrones han sido desarrollados por varios años y forman parte del MBE.

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Encuentro SW libre openmind 2008 PDF Print E-mail

openmind 10-11 de octubre 2008            Entrada liberada 


Encuentro cuyo objetivo es promocionar el software libre y de fuente abierta, a realizarse en el campus Santiago de la Universidad Federíco Santa María. Este encuentro encuentro es gratuito, y sus charlas consideran 3 áreas temáticas en paralelo, cada una orientada a colegios, universitarios y profesionales, respectivamente. El programa considera, además, talleres que pretenden mostrar, en forma práctica, el uso de ciertas herramientas.

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Change from E-Government to iGovernment PDF Print E-mail

Public Sector Edition
October 2008

Prepare Now for the Change from E-Government to Oracle iGovernment, Says Oracle’s Juan Rada

Over the next 15 years, new second-generation Web applications could transform how governments interact with their constituents and usher in an era of increased interagency collaboration, according to a road map Oracle presented at the just-completed Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

Dubbed Oracle iGovernment, the new initiatives will build on the e-government foundation that has been evolving for more than a decade. But rather than primarily offering an information-sharing vehicle, Oracle iGovernment will use the Web to deliver new ways for citizens to conduct transactions and dynamically interact with agencies.

For governments, an Oracle iGovernment infrastructure promises to break down process and information silos among agencies and departments, which could increase collaboration, and provide business analytics to help shape public policy.

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BPM Think Tank 2008 Object Management Group (OMG) PDF Print E-mail

Congreso Europeo BPM Think Tank 2008 Object Management Group (OMG)

11.-12. Noviembre en Putten, Holanda

BPM Think Tank Europe 2008 un congreso en el cual los participantes van a participar fundamentalmente durante dos días en roundtables interactivos y guiados por profesionales expertos en los temas escogidos.


About The OMG
The Object Management Group (OMG) is an international, open membership, not-for-profit computer industry standards consortium. OMG member companies write, adopt, and maintain its standards following a mature, open process. OMG's standards implement the Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®), maximizing ROI through a full-lifecycle approach to enterprise integration that covers multiple operating systems, programming languages, middleware and networking infrastructures, and software development environments. OMG's standards include: UML® (Unified Modeling Language?; CORBA® (Common Object Request Broker Architecture); CWM? (Common Warehouse Metamodel); and industry-specific standards for dozens of vertical markets. OMG has offices at 140 Kendrick St., Building A, Suite 300, Needham, MA 02494 USA. This email may be considered to be commercial email, an advertisement or a solicitation.
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Pueden coexistir BPM y Six Sigma ? PDF Print E-mail

Can Six Sigma and Business Process Management Coexist?

Featuring: Marvin Wurtzel, Principal Consultant, Marvin M. Wurtzel & Associates, Inc. Published by bpminstitute.org

Why Business Process Management and Six Sigma are needed in today’s business environment?

This talk will provide an overview of both Six Sigma and BPM to indicate where there are synergies between the two types of programs.

BPM builds the framework to create strategic alignment, measure business processes using metrics aligned to business goals, and identify performance gaps that have a major impact on the customer and on achieving desired business results.

Six Sigma can be used as the vehicle to implement the methodology, prioritize the projects, stabilize the processes and close the gaps.

Together they provide a process enabled and customer focused enterprise.

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