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Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source BPMS PDF Print E-mail
Fuente: By InfoWorld staff, InfoWorld | Sep 16, 2015

Camunda BPM
Many open source solutions, like Bonita BPM, offer solid, drop-in functionality. Dig into the code base, though, and you may find it’s not the cleanest to build upon. Enterprise Java developers who hang out under the hood should check out Camunda BPM.

Forked from Alfresco Activiti (a creation of former Red Hat jBPM developers), Camunda BPM delivers a tight, Java-based BPMN 2.0 engine in support of human workflow activities, case management, and systems process automation that can be embedded in your Java apps or run as a container service in Tomcat. Camunda’s ecosystem offers an Eclipse plug-in for process modeling and the Cockpit dashboard brings real-time monitoring and management over running processes.

The Enterprise version adds WebSphere and WebLogic Server support. Additional incentives for the Enterprise upgrade include Saxon-driven XSLT templating (sidestepping the scripting engine) and add-ons to improve process management and exception handling.

Camunda is a solid BPM engine ready for build-out and one of the first open source process managers to introduce DMN (Decision Model and Notation) support, which helps to simplify complex rules-based modeling alongside BPMN. DMN support is currently at the alpha stage.

-- James R. Borck

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